Welcome To RGCSM

Welcome to the official website of RGCSM - Computer Education. 

The Mission encouraged from former Prime Minister Late Sh. Rajeev Gandhi. He was the introducer of computer revolution all over India. The aim of the organization is to provide Computer Education in nominal charges for every group of society of Urban & Rural areas all over India.

RGCSM built up with the sole perspective of granting Computer education and making openings for work for the under advantaged, RGCSM today stands separated from different establishments for its honorable thought process and its support of the general public. This is additionally one reason why RGCSM is known as the pioneers of Computer Literacy all through the nation. Since its commencement RGCSM has been working towards its objective with a similar energy and excitement and responding to a call each year to cover a settled number of hopefuls to be profited and each time it has traversed its desires. As of date, it has a credit of preparing a large number of wannabes through its Authorized Education Centers spread the nation over that incorporates understudies as well as housewives, agents, worker and relatively every areas of the general public. Today, a large portion of our understudies who had chosen RGCSM as their stage for putting their first foot forward in the realm of Computers are exceptionally put in presumed associations in India and abroad.

RGCSM is supported by a gathering of gifted and test looking for R and D group who is dependably very nearly making inventive plans to serve the general public. Remembering, the present most requesting division of the general public i.e., the activity segment and keeping in perspective of the organizations that manifest asserting to make openings, its R and D group has re-imagined the wording of Computer Literacy. As the present occupation situation requests considerably more than a negligible advanced education or a PC recognition, RGCSM 's courses are currently centered around its two fundamental targets, viz.

a)To grant Computer Literacy to each qualified hopeful of the Country.

b)To produce business open doors for its understudies by giving the best planned (Industry standard) vocation arranged courses.

To satisfy this prerequisite, we have likewise included Skill Development and Personality Development as a piece of our standard course syllabus as we at RGCSM feel that keeping in mind the end goal to anchor a better than average occupation in the present aggressive situation, learning of the above is particularly vital notwithstanding the PC information and a professional education.

Today the fervor of being PC proficient might be found in the understudies and different people groups too. Foundation of this Computer Saksharta Mission has been done at different urban areas and towns. It is running effectively everywhere throughout the nation. Association is running under RGCSM trust. We have ISO 9001:2015 confirmations and enrolled under NCT, Govt. of New Delhi. We are searching for PC preparing program everywhere scale. Numerous schools have made PC training necessary from ninth standard and consistently a large number of understudies are enlisting in different Diploma and Degree programs. In this way, the staying unaffected by the PCs is exceptionally troublesome. Association has begun a program Diploma in Computer Teacher Training moreover. Our primary point is to give free of cost PC instruction at our each New Center. So getting very much prepared in the PCs has turned out to be mandatory for each individual of the family however because of the high preparing charge structure of PC establishment, the general population identified with lower or white collar class will most likely be unable to manage the cost of it. This Mission has been rushed to give the high specialized PC training at the ostensible expense to the individual having a place with lower and white collar class. In All finished India this organization is administered by the RGCSM trust.